Thursday, March 20, 2008


DH and I like wine. A lot. We were very fortunate to get sets of *very* nice Reidel glassware as wedding presents. When we moved to San Diego, we no longer had the cabinet space to house it all. Crate and Barrel to the Rescue!

I really like the set up. It's great to have the room to hang up glasses while still housing the *massive* bottles of liquor we picked up at Costco. Yeah - I admit that I really like California's liquor laws. You can buy alcohol pretty much anywhere - even Target!

(As a graduate of a school in Tennessee, JD is a permanent visitor to our house and bar.)

On the top of the hutch is a Kate Spade vase - a wedding gift from my college roommate's mother. I was really touched that she sent it. :) The Tiffany bottle opener was from our friends J and L. They know how much I looove the little blue box. And the silverware chest is from my aunt and uncle and houses my Grandmother's silver.

My Grandmother actually had two sets of silver but my Grandfather would only use the second set.

Here's the scoop: Apparently my Grandmother was quite the catch and she had a beau that was in lurrrve but wasn't quite ready to get hitched. Well, my Grandfather was and my Grandmother accepted his proposal.

Spurned beau then went and bought all of the silver off of my Grandmother's registry and had it engraved with her maiden name initials. A sort of gentlemanly b1tch-slap to my Grandfather and their engagement.

Because it was an obscenely expensive gift (he even bought the olive spoons and fish knives!) and it was engraved, my grandmother couldn't return it. Another pattern, with the correct initials, was bought and my Grandfather refused to use the first set.

DH and I think this is hil-arious and when my mother offered us a set of silver, we knew which pattern we definitely had to have!

Lots of storage = lots of wine. Yum!

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