Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oy veh

So DH and I are getting back into shape. And I think my thighs are dying.

Background: DH was really really really into outdoorsy stuff for years. Kayaking all weekend, rock climbing every night, dude was cuuuuut. However, his job and the years going by have cut down on his outdoorsy stuff. He hates the gym so he hasn't been working out much.

About three years ago I got serious with a trainer and lost about 20lbs and put on a *ton* of muscle. Since then I've stayed the same weight but lost almost all my muscle definition. I'm determined to get it back. (I'm actually quite strong for a girl but you wouldn't know it from my pleasant plumpness.)

So anywho, DH and I determined that moving to Cali would be our "start-over." Instead of happy hour, we hit the gym. I'm going to start the C25K program again once I get some strength back in my legs. (I've done it before and while I don't enjoy running, it's a very good program and gets me moving.)

The first time we worked out together, I think DH thought he needed to watch me on the weights. I'm pretty sure he was surprised that my form was so good. I mean, hello, I worked out with a trainer 3x a week for a Loooong time - of course I know how to lift properly! :)

We've also been eating better and I've been trying to diversify our meals. We tend to get into a rut and I'm trying to make different and better salads. I've also started going to the grocery every night. It's so much better to pick up something that looks good rather than throw together a bunch of stuff out of a box.

Anyone have tasty salad ideas?


Cindy said...

Oy--I got to the grocery store almost every day too. What's up with those people who decide their next seven meals, make a list, and go once a week?

Especially in the summer, I do lots of grilled chicken breast for salads, and we eat tons of tomatoes and basil with a little viniagrette drizzled on top. It's almost that time of year! I think salad meals get a lot easier in the summer.

Lauren said...

Kudos to you for eating better! My husband and I are trying to do the same. I don't have any good salad recipes yet.