Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Sunny Saturday in San Diego

DH and I went for a loooong walk downtown and up through Balboa Park to the zoo. We must have spent an hour looking for the pygmy hippo exhibit and never found it. But we bought year passes, so we will be back. I *will* find you, Pygmy Hippo.

Sign we randomly found on a side street. Apparently it's a defunct club.

When we were camped out before we moved in, we looked directly into the sign for the El Cortez.

This old guy needs to moisturize.

Sorry, El. DH made me take this photo!

A very cute bearded bornean boar.

I love flamingoes. They're just so odd looking.

Balboa Park is full of really intricately decorated buildings. It's not my taste but I appreciate the workmanship.

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Tickled Pink & Green said...

We went to the zoo about 3 summers ago - it was great but we had an unfortunate (to say the least) incident in the zoo parking lot with another car who thought we had taken their spot (we didn't)...oooh it was nasty - all in front of my then 9 year old.

We're headed to that area again this summer as the Hubby has been invited to the U.S. Open (golf)...can't wait!!