Tuesday, March 18, 2008

To heck and back...

After close to FIVE hours at the DMV, I am the proud owner of a California drivers license and California plates. I won't go into the $1700 tax bill they stuck me with for my ONE car. Bah! Anywho...glad that's done.

DH has been on a business trip (yes, already), so I've been put in charge of unpacking, sorting, putting away, rearranging, etc. It has been quite a pain in the buttocks, but it's starting to look decent in here. Nevermind that the dining room table is currently on the balcony (we don't have room for it in the living room). If I can switch out all our heavy sweaters out of the drawers, and iron about 8000 shirts, I'll be done with the bedrooms. Yay!

I'm really looking forward to Easter. I gave up meat for Lent (one of the few church-y things I still do) and I'm tired of beans and tofu. I wonder whether I should try church here. I used to be a *really* religious person. I went to church three times a week when I was in high school, and all my friends were in my youth group. But I started to feel bad about a lot of things (Episcopalian guilt) in college so I stopped going except on big holidays. Now that I'm married to DH, we hardly ever go. He's not a church-type dude. In fact, he's not even "spiritual" like I am. (I say spiritual because I believe I have a good relationship with God. We talk every night and I think it's important to thank him for all the things that happen to me. I just don't do the church thing.) DH said that if I wanted to start going, he'd be cool with that. I kinda miss the whole thing.

On a shopping note, I found the super cute Targer anchor shorts that Go Red Go blogged about a while back. On super clearance for five bucks, people, in my size, and the only pair left. Yay!

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