Saturday, March 29, 2008

Snappy caz...

I struggle every Friday with casual wear. I can do dressed up for work or totally jeans and a tshirt at home. "Casual" Friday is a nightmare for me. How do I look professional but laid back at the same time? (To give you an idea - most people at my agency wear dockers and a government polo shirt on Fridays. Dilbert come to life, as it were.)

Anywho, I felt very cute yesterday and thought I would share.

  • BR medium wash jeans, long length (thank you Jesus for "tall" jeans)
  • Brown and pink argyle short sleeve sweater from Target (super duper cute - I'm going back to pick up a couple different colors!)
  • Brown Gap belt (best inexpensive belts I've found)
  • Pink suede Coach mules (the rubber sole is the "C" print. A little tacky but it amuses me.)
  • Brown and cream Kate Spade bag
  • Pearl studs, Tiffany "E" necklace, engagement and wedding rings.

So yeah, I felt like I fit in quite well yesterday. I wasn't in the Docker herd but I wasn't busting out my stiletto boots and blazer combo from last week either. (That was a little too dressed up for casual Friday, apparently. People kept asking if I was going somewhere.)

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Lauren said...

Cute outfit! I love the sweater!