Saturday, March 15, 2008

People against dirty

About a year ago I started reading more about household cleaners and their chemicals. As the person who does the majority of the chemically leaning cleaning in our home, I wasn't too cool with the toxicity of the products we were using. And on a completely superficial note, I hated how I smelled and how awful my hands would feel after tackling the bathroom and the kitchen. Cracked hands=wasting the pretty.

I decided something needed to be done. I used up my 409 and Chlorox and started buying vinegar and baking soda in huge containers at Costco. Baking soda, if you don't know, is a non abrasive cleaner that gets really really hard to clean stuff sparkling. I even used it on our cooktop and got out some stains that I thought were a lost cause.

DH, being a chemist, wasn't too happy with my new found cleaning products.

"What do you mean you're using baking soda?"
"I'm afraid of all the nasty chemicals in the old stuff."
"There's a reason they sell those 'nasty chemicals.' The nasty chemicals work!"

Anywho, with the move I had to get rid of all of our open cleaning products. (No cross-country shipping, no sir.) I was reading Fast Company and they had an article about the guys at Method. They are commited to ecologically-sound cleaning products and being socially responsible. Their ideas about the environment and design seemed cool and I totally agreed with their "humanifesto."

Well, when I went to Target to stock up the condo, I stocked up on Method products. I totally BPH (big puffy heart) the smell of the pink grapefruit so I loved the dish soap, all purpose spray and wipes.

I really like the design of the bottles for the hand wash. I think I read that Karim Rashad was the designer (you know, the guy who made the Dustbuster cool). Whatever...the stuff cleans well and my hands are still soft. Rock on.

The Fast Company article talked about the Omop and how the Method dudes made the Swiffer-like pads biodegradable. I'm ashamed to say that I was a complete Swiffer convert when they first came out. I didn't think about their environmental impact at all. Well, I spied the cute Omop kit and immediately bought one. (A girl needs a mop for the kitchen, no?) Well, in addition to the mop, the floor cleaner, and a mop pad, it was supposed to come with the Swiffer-like biodegradable pads. Did my kit have any? No. What's up with that, Method dudes? I'll have to pick up a box on my next Target run.

I was really excited to see that Method has moved over into toilet cleaning products. Cleaning the bathroom is my least favourite chore but the peppy scents will hopefully make it less painful. I bought the following:

  • Ylang-ylang shower spray (smells sooo good and will hopefully banish soap scum)
  • Tub and tile spray (I could use the grapefruit general spray but I liked how this smelled)
  • Lil' Bowl Blu (afore mentioned toilet will be sparkly and smell good!)
  • Le Scrub (you had me at "safe for stainless steel")
  • Granite and marble cleaner wipes (Perfect for quick wipes of the kitchen before bed)
  • Stainless steel cleaner (again, could use other products but it smells ah-mazing)

Having spent a scary amount of money at Target, I have since found out that the HSN has a $20 deal:

Method 8-piece Detox Your Home Cleaning Kit Includes:
25 fl. oz. bottle of liquid dish soap
28 fl. oz. spray bottle of glass cleaner
28 fl. oz. spray bottle of all purpose cleaner
30-count container of biodegradable cleaning wipes
(2) 12 fl. oz. hand wash
Washable microfiber cloth
Detox tote bag - measures approx. 15"L x 15"W x 25"H

This is a fantastic deal and I plan on picking it up when I start to run low on products. I suggest you do the same!

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