Thursday, March 20, 2008

Clutches...Those I can afford and those I can't.

J.Crew, $98. Drool. I hope this finds its way into my Easter basket.

J.Crew, $32. I've been lusting after this bling-bling bag for two seasons. Now that it's pretty much at the bottom of the J.Crew clearance and they've thrown the extra 20% off, you need to snatch it up.

Old Navy, $14. Ok, I admit this doesn't look like much online. But in person it's really very cute, mostly due to its oversized handle.

Old Navy, $13. I FPH (freaking puffy heart) this SO much. Yes my pretty, you are coming home with me. And if I don't like you in a season, I won't feel bad for donating you to Goodwill.

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