Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our move, thus far... going to kill me. I'm happy to say that I finally have the internet. Yay! So right now I'm crammed into the corner of the sofa, typing away. I've got lamps at my feet, a huge pile of cables to the right, and the roomba on the left. I really hate that we have tons of stuff everywhere and none of it has found a home.

The movers came over on Thursday and unpacked everything (that's why we have stuff just sitting everywhere). We were lucky that all we lost was a potted plant and (unfortunately) my favorite floor lamp. Our car, however, did not do as well on its way across the country.

To sum up the catastrophe that is my car: totally screwed. The shippers drove it across the country, for two weeks, WITH THE WINDOW DOWN. It went through a blizzard WITH THE WINDOW DOWN. So not only is it completely disgusting with grit, sand, and salt inside, we're worried about how the electronic are going to fare and if we're going to get mildew in the carpet. Oh, oh, and they used a dirty cloth to polish it in California so the entire outside is covered in minute scratches. ARGH! DH got really pissed off and talked to the shippers and they're going to pay for a detail in and out. We also have the right to claim again if the electronics break. So, anywho, big pain in the butt.

DH is flying out to the East Coast tomorrow. I knew his new job would require travel, I just didn't realize it would happen so soon. My goal is to have the condo put away by the time he gets back. Eep!

My first day of work was interesting. I've got the same job title but I'm doing something COMPLETELY different so I feel a bit out of my league. I'm sure it'll be fine but the sense of "Oh, my God, what did I get myself into?" is very present.

I wanted to feel comfortable my first day so I wore the following Target Mizrahi seersucker suit with a blue silk BR blouse and navy suede loafers. (Word on Target seersucker: it's fully lined and really nice for the amount of money you pay. I mean, it's not Brooks Brothers but it's really light and comfortable.)
DH made fun of how preppy I went on my first day. I felt vindicated when the first thing someone said to me, as I was making my way up the elevator, was "Great suit!" Ha!

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