Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How I spent my day...

We used to have a huge walk-in closet at our old condo. We don't anymore. So I've been trying to organize our stuff into two closets. I took the (larger) one in the guest bedroom. I need room for shoes, people!

(Yes, I keep my shoes in shoe boxes. It grosses me out when the bottoms of shoes get on the top of other shoes.)

Poor DH has to have the small closet. Most of the space is used for storage, so he's even more screwed. Sorry, honey!

I was bummed out two days ago. I was alone, the house was a mess, and it was too late to call anyone on the East coast. I hit Marshalls and got two super cute dresses.

Black Calvin Klein. It desperately needs a pressing because the pleats are adorable in a June Cleaver sort of way.

Normally I would not go near something in yellow but I'm trying to get out of my dark color groove. This shift is *SO FREAKING CUTE* in a Mary Quaint-way. It has pockets. Pockets! I can't wait to wear it to work with my cute round toe heels and a little cardi.

I blogged about this dress a while ago. I love this cut and fabric and already have it in two other colors. It's floaty and fitted and fabulous.

I also blogged about how I almost bought this at the J.Crew outlet. Well, I'm SO glad I bought it from the website. The fabric and lining are much nicer and they did a bias-cut trim at the bust line that was not on the one in the outlet. We seriously need to host a bbq so I can wear this, STAT.

DH took me out on Friday and said that he knew where we should get dinner. I was totally cranky until he pulled me in to the Coach store and asked for the green bag. Well, they only had the floor model which had a HUGE scratch down the front. No, Ms. Saleslady, I DO NOT want that bag. Can you call in an order? Oh, the bag's sold out? Are you sure? No, I don't want the floor model. Here's my name and number, call me if you find a NEW one.

I was totally bummed and DH felt bad that he made me wait so long to buy it. He didn't realize that if they sell out, they sell out. He just assumed they'd make more. *chuckle* Anywho...we were at Bloomindales on Saturday and we nipped in. We asked if they had the green bag. No, not the geranium one, the green one. They had three! So yay, I had my beautiful bag and just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

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