Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Time for a new bag!

My hubby is such a good man. He has tried to understand my handbag thing for so long, but just can't. (I think it's genetic. Men don't "get" handbags.)

Anywho, he said that I could get a new bag when he gets his first paycheck. Since his new job pays bi-weekly (yes!), that means I need to be browsing quite heavily. Here are the front runners. Any thoughts?

1) Dooney and Bourke, Giraffe Large Sac, $395. Who the heck knew I'd like a D&B? Honestly, I hate their fabric bags. Even for teenagers, they just reek of meh. Anywho, I like this bag because it's GINORMOUS. But still refined, no? And I definitely love me some animal print.
2) Kate Spade, New Canaan $395. Of course I love me some Kate, too. I like the side pockets and the peppy color. The only thing I don't dig is that the top is open except for a center zippered partition. As a downtown sort of gal, I like the security of keeping everything locked up tight.

3) Dooney and Bourke, Croco Large Domed Pocket Zip Top, $525. I'm charmed at how lady-like this bag aims to be. Doesn't it look like it belongs on the arm of a lady who lunches? But it's also big enough to stick files and a small macbook. They have it in some fun colors but I really think when dealing with croc (even fake) it should be brown.
4) Coach, Madeline tote, $428. I saw this with DH when we stopped in at Coach to get my watch band fixed. The color is a bright, happy kelly green and I couldn't stop wearing it. I haven't been into Coach in a long time because of the pervasiveness of the "C" fabric bags. I know that Coach is an affordable luxury but that doesn't mean you should dilute the bags so that 10 year old girls can afford one on a $10 weekly salary. That being said, this bag is very cleaned-up for Coach and the oversized turn latch reminds me of my first Coach bag way back in the 1980s.

A note on handbags: Someone asked me why, if I am so obsessed with handbags, I don't go for the luxe "IT" bags. Why haven't I "upgraded" to MJ, LV, BV, etc... Here's the truth: I just can't stomach spending over a grand on a bag. I'd much rather have a great, well made $500 bag than the latest Chanel. I also like American designers. Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Coach, Ralph Lauren, etc.... They speak to me and my preppy nature. So there, that is why I will never spend $2000 on a Bottega Veneta. (But I wouldn't mind if someone bought it for me!)

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Duchess said...

My husband doesn't "get" my purse fetish either. However he doesn't groan too much when Coach sends me coupons in the mail:) get on their mailing list and every 3 months or so you get a 25% off coupon.