Thursday, January 31, 2008

L'arte de chez moi (I make no apologies - I barely passed high school French!)

V-Day is obviously coming up. DH hates Valentine's Day. He finds it extremely unromantic that everyone else feels that they have to be romantic on that particular day. I, on the other hand, love it. While I don't make DH go out to dinner or buy me anything, I do like to get him a little something. (If I happen to like it a lot as well? Yippee for me!)

I'm attracted to big, bold prints. I especially like silk-screened images and letterpress. Note: Oh how I regret not sucking it up and getting letterpressed invitations for our wedding. At the time I decided I would rather have more guests than letterpress. Now, based on some behavior at the reception, I wonder if I should have gone for amazing invitations. Guess that's what happens when you have an open bar for 8 hours!

From I Am Still Alive. I love the simplicity of the design. And the sentiment sums up how I knew DH was special after our first couple dates.

From Keep Calm Gallery. I like to remind DH of his home which is near Liverpool, England. This phrase was used on posters in Great Britain during WWII.

Keep Calm again. I like Beatles things because of DH's connection to Liverpool. We even recessed from our wedding to "Here Comes the Sun." DH's father used to belong to the Cavern Club and was one of the first people to EVER hear the Beatles.

Keep Calm. A rather pedestrian print until you notice that the "A" in tea features a tiny cuppa. I got hooked on "cuppa" tea when I lived in Ireland.

Hero Design Studio. Probably too over the top for DH on V-Day, I still think this is so sweet.

The Small Stakes. We actually already own this one, but I wanted to point out that The Small Stakes does AMAZING prints of concert posters. Very beautiful, clean aesthetic.

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