Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Anthro is my new girlfriend

Anthropologie and I have a complicated relationship. I go into Anthro and I love everything about it. Shabby chic. (Also, they burn the most amazing combination of candles. Has anyone successfully replicated that scent? Ah-maz-ing.) However, most of their clothes look absolutely ridiculous on me. If I really hunt, and am willing to do some seam ripping, I can normally find one maybe two things that will work for me.

This week, however, I have fallen back in love.

I think the neck ruffle looks like carnations. Since that's my sorority flower, you can bet I'm wearing this on founder's day:

I wasn't impressed with this when I saw it online. In person, it is ridiculously adorable. Like, bulldog puppies and babies with food on their faces, ridiculously adorable.

Size 11? Check. Already in the shopping cart for my San Diego trip in two weeks? Check.

I love jackets. No double-breasted, cinched at the waist, deep v-neck jackets. Pop this on with white pants and a navy and white striped tank and you're good to go.

In my head I'd wear these with my wide-leg seersuckers. In reality, I think that would be a bit nautical-overboard. (Hee, I made a funny.) I think gray chinos would work as a Friday dress-down outfit.

I own a cardi much like this in chocolate brown cashmere. I wear it every single time I fly because it's so much better than the nasty airline blankets. This blue is so visually refreshing to me; I want!

A little too over-the-top for my style but so cute for someone with a smaller tush.

I feel like this screams "pulled together California casual." Therefore, I must own it. I must. It's a call I cannot ignore.


Mrs. STL Sarah said...

Carnations... You must be a Pi Phi or Gamma Phi, right? Love the anthro picks!

Elliot said...

Hi! I'm a proud Alpha Chi. :) Or as my friend Chris put it "A, X, horseshoe, right?"