Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wedding Wear

Finding things to wear to weddings is really difficult for me. When else do you have to worry about being modest (ceremony) and then totally fun and cute (reception). Of particular pain are morning/afternoon ceremonies followed by receptions after six. Ok, having just gotten married myself (more on that later), I get that some brides are constrained by what time they may have their church. HOWEVER, these brides don't want an afternoon tea or early evening. Oh no, they want the big all night shin-dig. Sweet jesus, ladies. Talk about a difficult wardrobe decision! I particularly hate throwing on a cardigan or grabbing one of the 8 billion cashmere shawls in my closet. Of the 8 billion shawls approximately 7,999,999,999 were bought for weddings.

Anywho, I found this dress at Banana and snapped it up for $40. $40! It's very cute, colorful, and keeps the bubbies covered and in check. (While possible to wear the ever popular strapless dress, I require *major* supportive garments in the bust area. They make me look great but who wants to have trouble breathing all night? I'll take a dress with sleeves and an obscenely beautiful bra any day over that torture.)

So check it out:


suburban prep said...

It is a great dress. So right for any time of day wedding.

Mrs. STL Sarah said...

I have that same dress! I too bought it to wear at a couple of fall/winter weddings. It's too cute with gold accessories, which I don't usually wear. I made an exceptions for this dress, though.