Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2BR, 1B Condo for sale. FANTASTIC location.

So we are (obviously) trying to sell our condo before our move to Cali. Luckily, my company has a guaranteed buy-out program in the event that we cannot get it to move on our own. Since the condo market is tough, tough, tough, I have a feeling we will be taking them up on their offer. Anywho, we took the first steps by cleaning out a TON of stuff in preparation for the appraisal. We took care of all those annoying little things that you know you should fix but it doesn't bother you enough to actually drag out the tool box. If I do say so, our place has turned out nicely:

Living room and sunroom, as seen from the door.
Living room, first part of the kitchen, and front door, as seen from tiny corner.

Den, as seen from the door.

Living room as seen from den door.

Another den shot.

Believe me when I say we got rid of a TON of books/cds/dvds. We both have pretty extensive entertainment collections so we agreed if we hadn't touched it in a year, it had to go.

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