Friday, January 18, 2008


Every day jewelry, Part 1:

I wear the same jewelry pretty much every day; small earrings (pearls, silver balls, or tiny diamond hoops), necklace (pearls or Elsa Peretti "E"), a watch, and three rings. I am lucky that my husband has bought me some spectacular pieces and I love them all so so much.

Ring one - "Proposal"
Darling husband wanted to propose but knew that I would probably have very strong feelings about my engagement ring. Sooo...he walked down to Tiffany and asked for suggestions. He chose the following "Celebration" band:
DH was very tricky and gave it to me on my birthday. When I opened the box, I was delighted (Tiffany, yes!!), but as it wasn't a traditional engagement ring, I just thought it was a pretty ring. (Full disclosure: I wasn't expecting anything because I thought that he would propose during our big trip during the holidays.) I ran around to kiss him when he said: "I'd like for us to look for another ring too." My exact thoughts were along the lines of "Huh?" And I oh-so articulately said "Uh, ok, uhm...wha?" Wonderfully patient husband (now on bended knee): "I'm asking you to MARRY ME!" Yeah, I finally got it at that point. Hee! I wore it as my engagement ring until we made ring number two, at which point the eternity band was switched to my right hand.

Ring two: "Engagement"

I'm thankful that DH knew enough not to buy such a personal piece of jewelry without any input. (Does that sound bad? Probably...) I have always wanted to wear my great-grandmother's diamond but hadn't said anything. How was he supposed to know that? Tiffany, unfortunately, won't reset diamonds so we went to a local jeweler and commissioned the following:

It is a serious set of stones so I don't always wear it, especially when out at night. People ask me if sapphires are my birthstone but they aren't; I just think they look stunning with diamonds. We did, however, get married in September so there you go.

Ring three: "Marriage"
I don't have a picture of my band but we commissioned it at the same jewelers where we did the engagement ring. It's a bar-set, five stone ring with a very low profile, set in thick platinum. When I don't want to wear the engagement ring out, I switch my proposal ring to the left and wear the two bands together. They're super sparkly and I love wearing them.


suburban prep said...

I have a sapphire as my main stone. Hubby asked what I liked and I am born in September.I have the main stone held up by prongs and then there are 5 diamonds set into the band on either side. (Birthdate is Sept 10--hence the 10 diamonds).
My brother picked out a ring close to the one you have pictured with the sapphires on either side for my sSIL.

Anonymous said...

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