Monday, January 14, 2008

An introduction, my dear reader(s)

Hi! I'm Elliott, a preppy, polo enthusiast, with a need to share all of the gorgeous things I find on the web. (Yes, I spend entirely too much time on the web. My hubby once exclaimed "No one looks at shoes more than you! during a tiff.) I currently live in my hometown of Washington, DC but the hubby and I are moving to San Diego, CA in two months. Yes friends, I will tell you all the excrutiating details of our attempt to find a place to live, find hubby a job (he gave up his so I could pursue mine on the left coast), and (hopefully!) adopt two bulldogs named Winston and Heston. And if you're wondering about my name, it's not really Elliott. I once worked with a guy who would call me "Elliott" because I had the same haircut and demeanor as the so-named blonde, ditzy doctor on Scrubs. So there you go. :)

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