Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sailing, sailing, on the open sea...

Ok, I was supposed to have a four day holiday this weekend. As it stands now, I will have to work both days off and the appraiser who was supposed to come today will be there Saturday. Four day holiday? Looks like one.

On the plus side? I will have a boat-load of holiday and overtime pay. The following beauties will be coming home with me from Tysons:I love Gap bathing suits. I love preppy, nautical-esque bikinis. Now, do I want this in navy or green? (*whisper* ...or both?)
Warning: horizontal stripes are a potential source of larger-bottomosis. Will have to think this one out further.
Gigantic when I picked it up. More than large enough to carry all of my sunscreens/hats/towels and the 20 things that DH wants but is unwilling to carry in a bag of his own.

Gap is really bad about having shoes in size 11. (Yes, I havc ginormous feet. They're actually even weirder; my left is an 11 and my right is a 10. Awesome.) These come in about ten colors and are $35. If they are comfortable I'll probably scoop them up in navy, red, and green too.

Oh the ruffle-neck polo. I love this look as an update to the standard popped collar.

Were that my legs were as long as the model's. As a beach cover-up, this is stellar. With the right sandals, you could get away with wearing it to a casual lunch place too!

Only 82 days until we move to the beach!


Cloggsy said...

OK, I am loving the navy bag - where can I get such a beauty?!

Oh I am so jealous you get to shop at Tysons :0( I love the LLBean there!

suburban prep said...

I have a tote bag thing, since I knit.
I also love the nautical theme.
The cover-up is so cute.

Elliot said...

Cloggsy, it's from the Gap!