Saturday, January 19, 2008

Project Runway

So I have been screwed by Comcast once again. The first 15 minutes of PR were fine and dandy. Avant garde design? Yes, please! However, Comcast decides to cut to commercial and all hell breaks loose. The screen splits in two, it starts rerunning the first 15 minutes, and then freezes. The best part? The audio is still in synch with the broadcast! So I can hear the episode but cannot see any of it. Having reconstructed the episode with help from Bravotv, I shall comment thus:

Christian/Chris: I wish I had seen Nina's face because that dress was fierce. Seriously, it is the first dress I've seen on PR *ever* that looked like a legitimate piece of couture. I was surprised that this team worked together. Maybe there's more to the bitchy pixie than I thought.

Rami/Sweet P: Sweet P's dress was cuter than I thought she'd be able to pull off. I have dismissed her most of the season (prom dress episode excluded - she totally should have won) but I really liked her work this ep. Rami was being a bit of an ass and I didn't really care for his garment. That being said, it seemed like he was more concerned with directing Sweet P's work than with finishing his own. Meh.

Victorya/Jillian: OMG, will you two put away your egos and get designing??? Jillian's coat was absolutely amazing, in a Vivian Westwood sort of way. I really didn't care for the britches, V. How Victorya keeps winning challenges mystifies me; I really don't care for aesthetic. Up to this point Jillian has been a solid middle-of-the-pack-er. However, this coat makes me rethink that position.

Kit/Ricky: I hate Ricky. There, I said it. I don't understand how he has made it this far, I honestly don't. His dresses have been totally blah, and his finishing sucks. If he doesn't go soon, I'm going to have to drink every time he cries. I really liked Kit but her "nesting" dress design looked like Laura Ingalls Wilder crossed with Scarlet O'Hara. It might have worked as a Christmas tree skirt better than an actual dress. O' Captain, my team captain, you will be missed.

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