Monday, January 14, 2008

Hello lovelies!

I am an avowed BR/Gap shopper. However, the last couple of years have seen my lovelies go from classic to trendy pieces of ****, with a remarkable lack of taste. Imagine my surprise when I walked in last week and saw these. Oh the navy! Oh the orange! If hubby and I weren't on a spending freeze (due to our single income at the mo'), they would have DEFINITELY come home with me.

I love bangles and cuffs. Hubby bought me one for Christmas that I wear alll the time. White looks clean and light for the Summer.

Patent leather is always fun; it reminds me of my school shoes when I was little. I wish I could get these in navy too!

Super cute in a workin' 9-to-5, knock-off DvF way.

I loooove this color. I'm not normally drawn to knit dresses because I need a defined waist (thanks Trinny and Suzanna!). However, this dress is a really thick knit and gives me enough structure that it looks uber-cute. Pop the collar and you're good to go. Oh, oh, and the pockets are darling.

Yes please! I'd love this with my cute white summer pants and any of my 8000 pairs of grey/stone/slate khakis.

I own way too many cardigan sweater jackets but one can never really have that many, no? The covered buttons are adorable. (And it's about $100 less than one I saw at J.Crew.)

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