Sunday, June 15, 2008

Two birds, one stone

Happy Father's Day, Dahdoo and Barry!

(We finally have our wedding pictures - many more to come because, well, I'm an egomanic and it's my blog. Hee.)
Daddy, you look absolutely hunky in a tux. I suggest it for your casual-wear.

You were very calm. I was practically dragging you up that aisle!

This is my adorable Father-in-law, Barry. He's totally awesome. He used to go see the Beatles at the Cavern way before they were famous. And I love the story of when he hung out with Coldplay. Seriously, I have the best in-laws.


Anonymous said...

Wow - beeootfiul dress, look forward to seeng more photos posted!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! You look very happy!