Sunday, June 8, 2008


So the weekend has been fruitful. We've decided to put in an offer on a townhouse here in downtown San Diego. We've been crunching numbers and trying to figure out whether we want to get a 30 or a 20 year mortgage. (Leaning towards the 20, personally)

Went out to dinner on Friday (date night!) and it was...eventful. I'm not going to name it because I don't think this was their fault, but it's a brand-new high-end restaurant in a very trendy neighborhood. We decided that we didn't want to commit to $50-80 entrees so we started with cocktails and ate off the bar menu.

The bartender was great. The food was fantastic. We were sitting near the big open doors so there was a nice breeze. Our plates were sitting on the bar, waiting to be bussed. I looked over at DH's napkin and there was a (literally) 2" cockroach sitting on it. I yell out "bartender!" and he comes over, puzzled. I point (I'm terrified of bugs) and he also jumps a mile. He throws the napkin and bug down and stomps it out.


To their credit, the owner was incredibly apologetic. The bartender was mortified and also apologized. They comped our entire bill and profusely apologized, again.

Dh and I don't think that it was their fault - we're pretty sure the bug flew in through the big doors. Because we don't think it was their fault and they handled the situation so well, we're going to go back next weekend. We want to encourage new businesses in the area, especially ones that are trying very hard and doing things in a really nice way.

But still...ew.

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