Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The last bit of shopping for a while

DH and I are looking into mortgages and a big fat down-payment. As such, this is my last shopping trip for a long time. (Except for dresses for weddings. Because I need those, duh.)

Hit up the J.Crew outlet and found all the headbands on crazy sale. I got most of these for $4 a piece and one for a dollar! I thought the madras one was my favorite but now it's the wide black and white cameo print. I wore it with a soft pink sweater, black pencil skirt, and pearls. Adorable!

I also love love love the jade green linen cable-knit cardigan. The perfect weight for the office and then out for drinks with the office folks. DH also gave me permission to buy a new (bigger) beach bag. Now that we have the 7' Whim beach towels (pictured below) we needed a bigger bag to accommodate their bulk. Took this madras bag to Mission Beach on Sunday while DH was surfing and it held: 2 Whim towels, 2 bottles of sunscreen, DH's large sandles, a Nalgene, a novel, 2 magazines, and our waterproof "pouch" that holds keys, wallets, phones, etc. All in all, I LOVE this bag.

*whispers* But is it wrong to still want the LL Bean lobster tote?


lisagh said...

I have that J.Crew madras tote and it's awesome! It's also really humungous, so I don't think the LLBean lobster tote is an unreasonable want. Different size = different purpose!

Kate said...

Love the headbands! I can't wait to go to the J.Crew outlet when I get home :)

Anonymous said...

Love the cardi, socks and hairbands! I have tagged you in my latest post by the way.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Love, love love the headbands! And the tote is totally fabulous! And as for the lobster tote....that just might fall into the "need" category.