Thursday, June 5, 2008

A little secret...

I'm going to let you in on my deep dark secret. I have totally scary feet.

1. They're huge - my left is an 11 and the right is a 10. (Don't feel too bad for me, though. My little brother had size 14(!)s at age ten!) Trying to find shoes is a nightmare. Either I'm walking out of one foot or I'm totally crushing my toes. When I bought snowboarding boots I had to buy for the bigger foot and then wear two of the thickest pairs of socks they had in the store on the short foot.

2. I've broken my ankle twice, crushed the toes on my right foot all at once (thanks to an uppity horse), broken several toes multiple times, and have tendonitis in both feet. Awesome.

3. Due to all the breaks, I have funky toes that I hate. I honestly hate getting pedicures because I feel like the women judge my feet.

As a result of years of foot pain, I've been wearing flats almost exclusively. (Sometimes a hot pair is worth the pain, no?) But when I want a pair of heels for work or a wedding I turn to the shoes I mocked my mom for wearing - Aerosoles. They've actually been doing a pretty decent job this year: I heart the brown and linen pair on the left.

The neutral sand color is going to look great with my 8000 sundresses.

Don't hate me but I kinda dig the 80s vibe of the purple strappies.

I would totally buy all three pairs if they didn't have the horrendous flower on the wedge. Ew.

So there you have it - all of my scary feet issues. I'll chat about Nine West tomorrow.



Wila (aka Ali) said...

I feel your pain! In college, I had surgery on both of my big toes for ingrown nails. "The will look back to normal soon" said the doctor. Ummm. No. 8 years later and they're awful! But I love sandals, flip flops, and PEDIS! But I feel the same way when I'm getting they ladies are saying "oh, what disgusting toes she has...tsk tsk." I stare in envy at other women's feet that look so pretty and elegant after a pedi. Mine look like a 5 year old tried to paint them.

Much love to a fellow foot friend!

Kate said...

I have big feet too and I totally wish my feet were just a little smaller (like a 9)

Anonymous said...

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