Monday, June 2, 2008


I received two coupons in the mail this week for two free items from Physician's Formula Organic Wear makeup. I chose the bronzer and the tinted moisturizer and am thoroughly impressed. I have sensitive skin and both products have done really well on my face. Additionally, the line seems to be for fair-skin folks. I am normally SOL with my very fair/ivory skin but both look very natural. I love that the bottom of the paper compact (recycled, bien sur) has a large mirror and has space for the goats hair brush. The brush reminds me of Benefit's Hoola brush. It's good for on the go but I prefer my big fluffy brush when I'm at home. Also, this is a flat bronzer (like Hoola) so no sparkles which tend to give me breakouts.
The lightest shade of tinted moisturizer (ivory/fair) is a perfect match for me. As good or better than Prescriptives Traceless. The smell is rather odd, probably due to the spf 15 and the aromatherapy.

I also treated myself to a new lipstick. (I mean, I did save money by using the coupons for the above, right?)
Cargo's PlantLove Botantical Lipstick in CeCe (named for its creator, Courtney Cox). Monica was totally my favorite Friend. And DH thinks I'm a pretty good 50-50 split between Monica and Rachel. Anywho... The color is to die for. A sheer, sparkly berry/plum. I'm not much for lipstick but this is so light that I hardly feel it on. And I look incredibly polished. It really feels like a balm more than the heavy lipstick that I used to wear.

But that's not all! The adorable tube is covered in pink flowers and is made out of (wait for it)...corn! The carton for said tube is made out of flower paper and has real flower seeds in it. You can plant it!

And here's the kicker - CARGO's giving St. Jude Children's Hospital two dollars for each tube sold. So not only do I look fabulous, I'm being altruistic. :)

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Anonymous said...

Will have to look out for this in the UK - try and buy organic when I can - looks good!