Monday, June 16, 2008

Lookie who I saw...

on the corner outside his restaurant. MALARKEY!(If you don't know, Brian Malarkey was a contestant on Top Chef and is the executive chef at Oceanaire in Gaslamp, San Diego aka - in my 'hood.) Thoughts:

  • He's taller and hunkier than he came across on tv. I mean - hello, big boy!
  • Smoker. Ew. (Why do so many chefs smoke? I would think it would kill your tongue.)
  • My gay-dar didn't go off like it did watching him on tv.
  • He was standing next to a cooler the size of which might lead to its use for transporting large fish or a dead body.
We really liked Oceanaire in DC so I imagine we'll head down to the SD one in short order.

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