Saturday, June 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We finally bought our condo in San Diego!! It's a "townhome" aka a two story condo in the heart of downtown. 1458 sq ft, two BR, two and a half BTH, two parking spots - perfect on all counts for the two of us. It's right next to the ballpark and we love love love the location. So welcome to our home:

Each floor is a different icon; ours is the GGB in San Fran.
View from the kitchen into the living room. (These shots are always so difficult, hence the weird angle.)
Finally, a dining area!
Rest of the living room. The ceilings are 17' and pour in the light.That's a better shot.
Small kitchen. We'll make do, I suppose.
I've never had a gas stove. I wonder what it'll be like.
Hello, DH! The shelving next to him is where we'll put the wine fridge and make into a pantry on top.
First things first - ripping out the carpet and the floors in the kitchen. While the cherry is pretty, it's not "us." We spent most of the day in a flooring store and decided on hand-scrapped walnut. It's GORGEOUS and I don't care if I don't get to buy any cashmere this winter as long as I get that beautiful flooring.
Half bath upstairs. All of the bathrooms have the same marble.
Down the stairs we go...
Down down down...
Guest bedroom a/o study for DH. We have two balconies. The two bedrooms share the bottom one.
Master bedroom. It's a decent size; I'll forgive them for not making a huge walk-in.
Master bath. Have I mentioned that I have an obsession with double sinks? Ahhh - I love them so.
Not the biggest fan of the huge tile. I'm more of a tiny tile gal, myself.
But I do appreciate the cubby for towels. Good move, Mr. Developer.
More of the double sinks. Oh I love them so.
Close up of the marble.
I can't believe there are so many closets; hello storage!
We're thinking of putting a huge bookcase where the mirror is located. I love to read and spend WAY too much money at Borders.
Guest bath. It's not ensuite; you have to walk out of the guest BR to get to it.
Ah, a better shot of the bedroom balcony.
It's hard to see today but on a clear day we have a mountain view.
Hello high windows. Those little suckers brighten up the room tremendously.
This is a good shot of the height. The kitchen looks tiny.
The majority of the living room, as seen from the door to the upstairs balcony.
More kitchen.
This is the view off the upstairs balcony. It's the bridge to Coronado. That industrial area is undergoing a HUGE development so who knows how long we'll have a "water" view.
And our neighbors - the Padres!
Align CenterThank you for coming to our little home. Y'all come back now, ya hear?!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations - looks like you have landed a great flat! V. slick - looks like a great piece of modern design - think your bookcase on the stairs idea is a great one!

Lauren said...

Congratulations! Your new place is beautiful! I agree about the bookshelf location, I think it would be a perfect spot.

Enjoy your week!

Cas said...

Fairly new to your blog and am a So. Ca girl originally. Love the location! Ya'll have a beautiful place.

Mona said...

Congratulations, it's beautiful! Can't wait to see what you do with your new home.

Traci Anne said...