Monday, April 7, 2008


This weekend DH and I went up to two vineyards in Temecula; Thorton and Callaway. Thorton had a beautiful restaurant and their herb garden was fabulous. (Who picked up some fresh herbs this morning, inspired by their chef? Moi!)

However, after we had our tastings (white flight for me and red for DH), we had two hours until the next tour. So we hopped across the road to Callaway Vineyards. The tasting room was sort of meh. I was, however, very impressed with the folks who were there directly after a road race, medals and all.

It takes a certain type of wino to drink wine after a long run. Cheers!

Callaway's cask room is available for parties. It would be a beautiful place for a wedding reception!

Hee. I snuck a photo of the chardonnay tank. Mmm. Wine.

Of the two vineyards, I wasn't blown away by anything. Thorton's viognier was tasty but not spectacular. Ditto Callaway's moscat. I have to say that the bottle prices put me off. I would have paid $15 a bottle but not $30+. $30 buys you a pretty decent bottle at a good wine store.

I can't wait to head to Napa in the Spring!

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