Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Dream House

I am so in love with this pre-fab(!) German house by Hof. It's light and bright and beautiful. Hof can frame out the house in five days. Five!

Everything is built in the factory in Germany and then is put together by a German team of elves (really, builders) who wear vests. How cute!

Don't you just want to sink down into that bath?

Stainless steel kitchen.

Or perhaps in red?
If we are ever in the position where we could build from scratch, I'd buy one in a heart beat.


Kate said...

I love the bathroom and kid's bedroom!

Elliot said...

I'm also partial to the bathroom; it's gorgeous!

I cannot impress upon you enough how fantastic is this house. I was watching a British tv show called Grand Design and they featured one of these being built. I've now fully subscribed to the fabulousness of pre-fab. :)

Atlanticamusements said...

yeah looks fantastic!! this is the architecture we should build... look what I found: