Saturday, April 26, 2008

A lovely day for a stroll

DH and I walked over to Little Italy this afternoon for the San Diego Art Walk. We really enjoyed the Bethesda Art Walk so it looked to be a delightful afternoon. Dude, the SDAW was HUGE. I mean, HUUUUGE. I was suitable overwhelmed. Streets and streets of artists, bands, tamales carts, and people people people everywhere!

Luckily we made our way down to the very end of a side street and found a fabulous former graphic artist turned oil painter. DH was wonderful and bought me a small oil for our bedroom:

We shall call him "Winston."

It's hard to tell but the frame is flush with the front of the painting, giving it a shadow box feel. Really lovely presentation by the artist and it made me want it all the more.

We also met an adorable Frenchie named Wallace. Now DH and I are reconsidering whether we want an English bulldog, a Frenchie, or a pug. I think DH wants a pug because of Jonathan Ross' pug, Mr. Pickles.

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