Sunday, April 20, 2008

Holy moly...preppy shopping

Mum and I *tore up* the shopping this week. She basically needed a new wardrobe and I was along for the ride. Ralph, the Crew, Ann, and BB were raided like we were on Supermarket Sweep. (Shut up, I love that game.)

We also picked up a couple of things for me.
JCrew: Navy polo with green turtles, Navy round neck cardigan, Pink polo with navy anchors, black ballet neck shirt, three pairs of argyle socks (love!), blue and navy argyle sweater, and a navy and kelly green argyle sweater. Oh yeah.

I hit the mother-load of VV at this really really good TJ Maxx. (Word to those in the DC area: the Tysons Corner TJ on Route 7 is the best I've ever seen. Tons of Lilly and VV and they have an entire area of high end designers like Marc, Gucci, Missoni, and D&G.) I grabbed two VV polos; navy and parrot green, an awesome coral pink board skirt for the beach, and a strapless VV white seersucker dress. I love the dress and wish I had it last year for my rehearsal dinner!

And of course, I hit up Target. I love the Target. Very cute pink and green rose print Isaac wrap dress, a blue and pink argyle sweater, and a pair of rose-gold leather peep-toed flats.

Do I need to mention that I'm going shopping this afternoon with DH? Sweet lord, don't let me get near Banana!


Lauren said...

I love all your cute new clothes! I am glad to see that Vineyard Vines really can be bought at TJ Maxx. I was beginning to think it was an urban legend.

Elliott said...


VV definitely requires more hunting - I have yet to see it get its own rack at TJ like Lilly. However, this weekend was the motherload. Honestly, there were polos, tanks, dresses, and skirts *galore.* It was hard to only buy a couple pieces! :)

Anonymous said...


lisagh said...

Good job! Love love love the J.Crew polos.

Kate said...

I have the pink polo with the anchors on it too. I am so jealous of this shopping trip!! I can't wait for a big shopping trip within the next couple of weeks (my reward for finishing my papers)!

Oh and I am definitely hitting up that TJs when I am back in DC!

PS- I love Supermarket Sweep and really wanted to go on it!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Super cute finds!! Soooo jealous of your TJ luck.