Monday, April 21, 2008


One of the great perks of my job is that they let me have flex time. I work an extra hour a day and then get every other Monday off. Yes, I love it so.

It's also my busiest day of the two week pay period.

I'm not exaggerating when I say I do EVERYTHING on my day off - trips to Costco, Trader Joe's, the grocery, the dry cleaner, Target, Lowes, etc... Not to mention that any and all appointments (dentist, doctors of various body parts, hair, nails, waxing, facials) are also scheduled for this day.

I like my day off; it makes me feel productive.

So please pardon me while I go absolutely Ape-SH!T with boredom and inactivity since I have been stuck in the condo since 8am with workmen going in and out.

A day in the condo sounds fun, right? Maybe catch up on some laundry or whip up some banana nut muffins? Not today, lady! Everything is covered in tarps while they patch and paint the ceiling where they rewired the computer and cable thingies.

I haven't had breakfast or lunch (the kitchen is the main area of patching and painting) and I AM GROUCHY! GRRR!

Now why do I have to be here? When they came in the last time to cut through the ceiling and pull through the new wiring, they didn't lock the door. Let me repeat that: they worked in my condo and then left the front door open. ARGH. I thought DH's head would explode. So now we (read: DH) has a standing order that we (read: me) must be at home when workmen come in, barring some catastrophic emergency.

I get it that someone needs to be home with the workmen but I'm just grouchy and irritated that it's me. I know, I know, it's impractical for DH to do it and no, I don't want the workmen to work in our place and leave the door open and all our stuff get stolen. I'm just bored senseless (I found the end of the internet, if you're interested), and I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE - AIYEE!

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