Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dresses are easier than pants

They require less ironing and only a pair of shoes.

Picked up a really cute, retro-esque Calvin Klein at Marshall's (also my favorite place to pick up VV and Lily). Looks somewhat like this except without the bow at the waist and the skirt is much more poofy. I felt like Donna Reed when I tried it on. If I order that short sleeved cardigan from J.Crew, it'll be a super cute date outfit.

I would never wear this out but I grabbed it at Old Navy as a cover up for the beach. All of my bikinis are navy, white, or kelly green so I figured it'd be cute together. And it was on sale. Score!


Lauren said...

Cute black dress! I need to keep checking Marshall's for Lilly and Vineyard Vines. I never catch them when those lines are in stock.

Elliot said...

Apparently Marshall's has started a forum to alert people whenever their favorite brands are in store. Basically you create a profile, select up to three stores, and select all of the brands that you want to hear about. Other people in your area send out alerts when they see the brands that you've chosen. I've already set up a Lily alert! :)