Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why the RC sucks. Seriously.

So I just realized I never told y'all that I was going to be offline last week. Monday I had to fly quickly to DC for a meeting on Tuesday and back out on Wednesday. The meeting was definitely not worth my time but I got to see my parents which was awesome.

As usual I took a United flight but my bag didn't make the connection in Denver. United assured me that my bag would be on the next flight so I headed to the Ritz-Carlton in Tysons Corner. My parents came over and we had dinner with my brother at Maggiano's. (Which btw - Yum!) Because I'm always prepared for the worst, I then ran around Tysons 2 looking for clothes in case my bag didn't make it. Well, I thought that the mall closed at 10. It doesn't, it closes at 9. That meant that instead of and hour and a half, I had 30 minutes to find a complete outfit.

I ran like hell and stormed Anthropologie. I saw a pair of black, dressy, wide-leg crepe pants. I didn't even have time to try them on, I just threw them with a blouse on the counter. Well, they are by Elevenses and they are FABULOUS. Want to know why? They're extremely high-waisted and yet make me look tiny, tall, and lanky. Woo hoo!

I then ran around the mall trying to find size 11, leather, stacked heels. Apparently this size is only worn by transvestites because NO ONE had any. I finally found one pair at Macys (ick) that, surprisingly, I don't hate.

Anywho... long story short, United delivered my bag that night but the Ritz didn't see fit to keep track of it. I got to wear my cutie-patootie pants with my 3" tranny heels for my meeting on Tuesday. I then got my bag before checking out that night. I'm about to write a very mean note to the manager of the Ritz. I mean, really. They're known world-wide for their service - why should I get the shaft? Looks like I'll be at the Four Seasons from now on.


adozeneggs said...

I used to love the Ritz, but after a miserable and humiliating experience a the one in Paris, RC is very high on my shit list.
Stick with the Four Seasons!

Laura said...

horray for tranny heels! I want pictures!

Cindy said...

Cute pants! I'll have to look for them at my Anthro. I'm so over low-waisted butt-crack-showing pants.

Do you really wear a size 11?!

Elliott said...

Yes, I'm really a size 11. Well, my left foot is. My right is a size 10. I consider myself lucky - at least I can find shoes. My little brother had a size 16 mens when he was 10.