Monday, September 8, 2008

1st Anniversary

One year ago today DH and I stood up in front of our 80 closest friends and family and swore that we'd be each others best friend and confidante for the rest of our lives.

(I know I've posted the above picture multiple times but it's my favorite. And I can't get over how exquisite the flowers turned out.)

We danced our first dance to Nick Drake's "Northern Sky" mostly because "our" song is highly inappropriate for weddings. :) So Schmoo, happy anniversary. I can't figure out a way to upload our dance video so I'll have to use a YouTube video.

Next weekend my BIL S and his fiancee E (the couple on the far right) are signing up for this crazy thing called marriage. I bet they can't wait to get the show on the road!


lisagh said...

Are you sharing a piece of your wedding cake tonight?

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary.

Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary!

adozeneggs said...

Happy Anniversary! Wedding pictures always make me wish we hadn't eloped in Vegas.
BTW, love Nick Drake!!

Elliott said...


Our wedding cake topper wouldn't have made it through TSA screening when we moved out to Cali, so we had to eat it at our six month anniversary. :) But I ordered a copy of DH's grooms cake from a local SD bakery ( and it's AWESOME! Woo!