Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day goodies

I spent Saturday morning running errands including exchanging DH's shirts at Mens Wearhouse. (Note to DH: Here in the US you have to look at both neck and arm sizes.) I was turning out of the parking lot when I saw tons of furniture in front of Hold Everything.

Despite sounding like a Container Store rip off, HE is actually a cool modern home furnishing store. I pulled in for a quick look and flipped over the price tag on these beauties. 4 Scintesi Orbit chairs for $200?! DH, get your butt down here with the big car! (They're normally $300/each.) Happily, DH was able to take a break from work and came on down. :)

A little cleaning (they were dirrrrty) and they look amazing. I can now get rid of our dreaded IKEA dining room chairs. Yippee!

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Ellen said...

Wow! What a steal. Those are great.
Have a good day.