Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ahh...back at home

What a wonderful wedding. What a wonderful week. What a wonderful world.

DH and I flew out Wednesday and got to England on Thursday. His parents (who I absolutely ADORE) organized a great barbeque in the garden so that DH could catch up with his friends and have his beloved sausages. (He laments that Americans just don't make the type he loves. Whatev.)

DH's best man (i.e. best friend) and his fam came over. Their little boy is two and quite possibly the cutest, best behaved kid I've ever met. It (almost) made me want to have a little Elliott or DH. Almost.

Friday we drove to the Lake District and checked into the Swan Hotel. The hotel was beautiful and very very "English." However, the rooms were about 8000 degrees so we had to prop open the windows and run a fan 24/7. That made it tolerable, barely.

Friday night we went out with DH's family. I forget the name but it had a Michlin star and was gorgeous. Many bottles of wine were opened, the best man practiced his jokes for the speech, and everyone had a roaring time.

At this point DH and I had such bad jet lag, we hadn't slept in three days. I imagine that added to the hilarity.

Later today: The wedding itself. But for your amusement, here are some pictures:

Bride and groom (B&G) signing the register:

They've been together ten years. I think they're happy to be Mr. and Mrs. now.

By far my favorite picture. S looks so adoringly at his Misses!

DH with his brother and sister in law

They had fruit, chocolate, and sponge cake. Yom yom yom.

DH and his mum. She's super cool. And he obviously takes after her.

My in-laws. They're coming to San Diego for two weeks in October. Can't wait to see them again!

Us. Note to self: silk wrinkles like hell when you sit for a couple of hours and cross your legs.
Gotta scoot to work. More later!


thepreppyvegan said...

What a beautiful cake! And love the green dress.

Kate said...

Seriously love that cake! And your dress is gorgeous!

Anne-Toireasa said...

I LOVE THE DRESS! LOVE. And that cake is the same colors as my room. Looks like you had a great time :)

adozeneggs said...

Everything looks beautiful, love the cake.