Thursday, September 4, 2008

Five things for flying

Next week DH and I are flying to the UK for his brother's wedding. We're looking at 12+ hours of flying time so I'm stepping up my normal flying routine. Not only shall I fight hunger (airplane food = not ok) and boredom, I need to look fabulous when we land and hit the ground running.

  1. Anthropologie lounge pants
  2. J.Crew tank top
  3. J.Crew tissue tee
  4. Large Cashmere wrap
  5. Privo flats
Makeup bag (Which is really a 1-QT. ziploc. Thanks, TSA.):
  1. Burts Bees lip balm in pomegranate
  2. Neutogena make-up remover wipes
  3. MAC studio finish concealer
  4. PF Organic bronzer
  5. NARS Orgasm blush (I'm not going to link because everyone already has it.)
  1. IPOD loaded with new music and podcasts
  2. Sudoku book
  3. Noise reduction headphones (imperative for sleeping)
  4. Eye mask (ditto)
  5. Random paperback thriller from Borders
  1. Cheese and stoned wheat thins (first flight, obviously)
  2. Dried fruit mix (cherries, pineapple, mango, peaches)
  3. Rice crispies treats
  4. Luna bar
  5. Wasabi peas
Extras: Airborne (I know it's a placebo but I still like it), 2 large bottles of FIJI water, Tylenol PM (so I knock myself out on flight #2), a bucky pillow, a different tissue tee and undies to change into close to landing.

Well, that's about it. What do y'all carry on planes to make the flights tolerable?


lisagh said...

Please don't forget your Purell or similar! One nasty person in that confined, recycled air, tube in the sky with a cold and questionable hygiene is all it takes to get you sick and not able to enjoy your time in the UK.

Travel well!

I Love Your Whole Face said...

Evian face mist is a must. You can get a travel size container. It wakes you up and refreshes your skin. Fantastic!!

Laura said...

remember, you have to buy your water at the gate, they'll make you throw it away at the security check. loungepants and fresh undies are a must. Did the lounge pants when I went to Hawaii in Feb, but didn't do the fresh undies... Never in my life been more happy to see a shower!

preppy little dress said...

have a safe trip, how about your ipod and tons of movies!!