Monday, September 1, 2008

I have a black thumb

I cannot keep plants alive. That is, until now! DH and I started a little herb garden on one of our balconies a couple of weeks ago and it's still going strong!

Three types of basil in this pot: Hot peppers making their way in life:
Two types of rosemary:
And my personal favorite, chocolate mint. It smells EXACTLY like a York.
We also have a couple of cilantro plants but they're not doing so well. We've lost one but the other is doing well after some intensive TLC from the garden store. :)
I'm hoping to get a regular mint plant and maybe a spearmint. We do a kick ass cucumber salad with basil and mint and I want to fiddle with the flavors a bit. I'm also going to make chocolate mint ice cream in a couple weeks once the plant really takes root. Yum.

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