Monday, May 5, 2008

What's in your fridge?

I was running around the blogosphere and saw a bunch of people posting pics of their fridges/freezers. So here's ours, rather empty except for drinks. We're fanatical about throwing out food and condiments, we buy food for one or two days and we don't keep many leftovers. Let's see. I spy wine, beer, hard lemonade, ginger beer, ice tea, tonic, 7up, and diet coke. A big hunk of carne asade and tortillas for Cinqo de Mayo. Lots of herbs, persian cucumbers, lemons and limes, peppers, four pounds of cut-up strawberries, and a tub of blackberries. And on the right of the lowest shelf, my personal stash of Trader Joes baby beets and microwave-ready lentils. (OMG - SO good if you put s&p, lemon, and herbs. )

Our freezer is carb central. We never get through bread so we stash baguettes and ciabattas in freezer bags. In the door we have a ton of walnuts and almonds, butter for baking, my sprouted raisin bread, goats cheese, and Dulce de Leche froyo. Let's see. I also spy a bunch of chicken breasts, Trader Joes pesto ravioli (our go-to "we don't want to cook" meal), and a lone piece of kahlua cheesecake. Mmm. Cheesecake.

So I've shown you mine. Show me yours!

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Kate said...

I'd kill for some TJ pesto ravioli right now!