Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So I'm finally back home after being in Sacramento for a week. My hotel was meh but it was next door to a really good mall. Thus the purchases:

J.Crew flip flops (the best - hands down)
A really really really cute bracelet sleeved swing jacket from Banana. Totally the wrong season but I imagine that it'll get some decent wear when I'm in England.

Blue striped sailor skirt from Old Navy. I thought the front would give me a tummy but surprisingly, it does the opposite - totally covers everything up! And the buttons have tiny anchors which makes my day.

Blue circle silk skirt from Banana. It is fuller than my normal skirts so I feel very 50s in it.

Hot pink J.Crew strapless linen dress. It's perfect for the pool. (I've already had it out!)

The eyelet lace bottom is adorable. I'm trying to track down the same dress in kelly green.

Another hot pink dress from J.Crew. It has a high neck but the slit keeps it oo la la.

I also picked up a bunch of headbands (madras, polka dot, and yellow silk) from J.Crew. A girl always needs another headband, no?


Kate said...

Ooh I'll have to check out the skirt with the anchor buttons!

CM said...

That is so funny! I tried on that exact dress at J. Crew and felt it left not enough to the imagination so I didn't get it. Love the strapless too! I almost bought J.Crew out this past weekend too.

Anonymous said...

Great buys - love your blog!