Saturday, May 3, 2008

Etsy finds

I've been playing around Etsy and found two great little shops:

The Little Astronaut is full of cute cards:
But I'm really ga ga over the bookplates:

The paper peony (what a great name!) is full of beautiful letterpress. I'm still sad to this day that we weren't able to get letterpressed invitations to our wedding. Oh well, I'd rather have another table full of friends than beautiful invitations, right?

And I am completely in love with these adorable pink pig coasters. Can I get them before our next barbeque, DH?
Nautical by Nature, I thought of you when I saw these!


Kate said...

Ooh I love those coasters! I'll have to bookmark them- perfect for summer.

Amelia said...

I want all of it! Especially the pig coasters and the book plates!