Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fall into the Gap

  • Great sale on at the Gap (pardon the messy bed - it's clean sheet night!)
  • Blue and red (they were out of the green and pink - drat!) straight leg, lightweight chinos
  • Green tank (because it was five bucks)
  • Pale pink striped cashmere cardigan
  • Pink and yellow gingham "flower" pins
Used the $15 coupon they sent in the mail and all of the above was a dash under $60. Not too shabby.


Kate said...

I love the cardigan!

CM said...

I have those chinos in the khaki color and I love them!

Wila said...

I have the pants in pink! I LOVE them, plus I got to get them a size smaller than I normally wear, so that was a happy thing! I wanted the green too, but they're out of all the colors in my size on the website! :-( Congrats on your find!