Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jack Cards

I have just found the most genius stationary idea I have ever seen - Jack Cards. Apparently they've been getting a lot of press lately (Oprah, Rachel Ray, etc...) so I'm surprised I hadn't heard of them.Here's the premise: You import your contacts list of names, addresses, and birthdays. Jack will email you to remind you about upcoming birthdays so you can buy one of their super pretty letterpress or hilariously inappropriate cards. No biggie, lots of card companies do something similar, right? Here's where they are total geniuses. You can pre-order the cards and they'll send them to you, stamped and addressed, two or four weeks ahead of the event. GENIUS! I just spent about an hour, cruising through the cards, selecting the receiver, and know that they'll send them to me for the next year. And guess how we're doing our Christmas cards this year, hmm? GENIUS.For those of us with good intentions but short-term memories, this is convenient, clever, and a total lifesaver. Rock on.

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Kim Dowds said...

Hello Preppy, Straight Up! I'm Kim, one of the co founders of Jack Cards and I just wanted to say "thanks so much" for mentioning us and I also wanted to let you know that Jack Cards is very new startup - so that's why you haven't heard of us! If you need any help with setting up your Jack Cards account don't hesitate to contact me! I'm more than happy to help! Thanks again!