Friday, May 2, 2008

So you may have noticed my lack of posting

I've been in Chicago this week and my internet connection at the hotel a) wasn't great b) expensive and c) not covered by per diem.

If the weather holds (please hold. PLEASE.) I'll get out of here late tonight. But the severe thunderstorms and hail are making that less than likely. We'll see.

I'm using my lunch break to run through several gift sites. I LOVE sending gifties. With Mothers Day, DH's birthday, and several overdue housewarming presents, I'm on gift buying overload.

Today's site - Heliotrope. Oh my goodness, how fun! Things I'm loving:

Kole Lug USA Travel Puddle Jumper $69

Suck UK Come In Go Away Doormat $25

Cork & Glass Hurricane Lantern $30

Lift and Shaker salt and pepper shakers $15

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