Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My husband

Ok, the first thing you have to know about tonight is that I'm an insanely competitive person. Monica Geller has nothing on me. DH thinks this is funny and cute, mostly because he's better at *everything* than me. Scrabble...rock climbing...home I could go on forever.

Sooo...anywho, we went for our first "couples" run tonight down the embarcadero. I've been running 5x a week for three months. He eats cookies by the dozen. I was excited because I was finally going to do something better than him.

Look at those eyes. Those are "I'm going to kick his ass but be nice about it" eyes.
Turns out my darling boy has the cardio capacity of a Budweiser clydesdale. He runs fast. He has to take walk breaks while I plod along at a steady pace but he's probably running a 9 minute mile, or less, when he's actually running.

Our evening went like this: Elliott jogs along at her normal 11 minute mile pace. DH sprints past for a couple hundred yards. DH walks until Elliott jogs up to him at which point he sprints ahead again. *whispers* Truth be told, it kinda burned my cookies to see him take off every time I caught up.

It also did not help that we took a "fitness" trail. You know the ones - the stations every couple yards where you do pushups and pull up and dips and stuff. Well, of course we had to stop so that DH could do pullups while I hung like a stuffed chicken. ;) Actually, he pushed me up so that I would complete one pull up. That was very sweet.

I know I'm complaining but I AM actually super proud of my boy. He got out of the house and worked out which is all I'm asking. GO DH! He said that he wouldn't do it every night but he wouldn't mind running with me once a week. If I can keep my competetive streak in check, I bet we'd be awesome together!

And the aftermath. Yes, I'm a sweaty, sweaty girl. Shush. Also, DH and I have the biggest foreheads ever. Should we ever have munchkins, you know they'll be lightbulb heads like us.
And this is just a pretty picture of my fleurs. Because I like pink. And I like fleurs.

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