Thursday, April 16, 2009

Faff giveaway

I won Flamingos and Flip Flops' giveaway recently and received the nicest package from her this week.

Lots of Vera stationary, including the lime and navy letter set that I'm SO excited about. (Navy and green is my favorite color combo EVER.) The adorable lab post its are going with me to the office because I refuse to use the yellow ones from the supply room. I mean, really, where's the fun in that??

The chandelier cards are from English Tea Paperie (I covered up my last name) and they are so cute, I don't want to open the packages! (Just kidding, Chloe. I'm sending my first enclosure in a package this week to my English MIL in your honor.)

I especially love the tissue holder made of brightly printed cotton twill in the upper left-hand corner. I'm very much an "everything has its place" sort of gal so I gladly popped this into my handbag. I like it so much, I'm considering buying a couple others for my work bag, the cars, my gym bag, etc. The seller, trixareforkids, has tons of patterns including Lilly!

So thank you, FaFF, I loved the present!!


Cloggsy said...

Now that is a stationery collection!!

Flamingos & Flip Flops said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for being a faithful reader ! I love the tissue holders too - she does pocket mirrors too! She's awesome to work with if anyone orders from her - I've ordered close to 20 so far and will most likely order more in the future!