Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today I did an oopsie on my treadmill run. (Padres season has started and I didn't want to run between the 8000 fans who clog up downtown on game days.) Anywho, I kicked arse - the run was easy-peasy. I jumped off the treadmill feeling like a million bucks as a dude pushed his way on. (We have a very crowded gym from 6-7pm.) It was at that point I realized "OH NO - I ran 5 KILOMETERS not MILES! ARGH!" No wonder it was easy. Bah! Tomorrow I'm going to do 8 miles to make it up.

So I'm finally wearing my smallest clothes in my closet and down a size or two depending on the brand. Yay! Even DH has said my shape has changed. HOWEVER...I've hit a big, fat weight plateau in spite of the fact that I've lost about 5% body fat. (Take that number with a grain of salt - that's what my scale told me.) Anywho, the numbers aren't dropping, folks. I know I said "I don't care how much I weigh, it's all about how my clothes fit!" This was a lie. I want lower numbers!

I did Jillian's 30 day Shred tonight as a way to kick up my metabolism. Because the blogging world ranted and raved about how hard it is, I only did Level 1. It was a good workout but it didn't kill me. My hand weights were too light, I think. Since I normally do my free weight work with 15 lbs at the gym, I think I need 10 pounders for Jillian. Level 2 tomorrow!

So I'm also thinking about joining Weight Watchers. I read about folks like Preppy Engineer and GRITS doing so well on the plan, I feel like it would put me in the right direction. Can I ask a stupid question, though? I don't understand what the heck is a "point." How do they calculate it? Calories and fat? Calories alone? Fiber content? A combination of the above? How do they calculate your "points" for the day? Is it based on how much you currently weigh or how much you want to lose? I know they'll probably answer all of this on the first day but I like to know what I'm getting myself into! I eat a pretty healthy diet as is (except for last night's PMS binge on peanut butter and graham crackers), so I guess I'm eating too much. Bah!

I think that's all for now. Elliott, out.


Dugout Daisy said...

I'm really proud of you!
It says a lot for someone to be as focused and determined as you, keep up the work!
I've heard great things about Weight Watchers, you should try it out!

A Wedding Story said...

I love the Shred! Good job girl :)

Kate said...

I just bought that DVD and can't wait to try it!