Monday, March 30, 2009


1. So I finally found something that I don't like about my Nike+. I calibrated it using my slow stride. Now that I'm kicking it out, it doesn't recognize that I'm taking longer steps and therefore going farther. I've mapped out my runs on Map My Run, so I know I'm doing more than what Nike is telling me. Grr. I bet I've lost a couple miles in total over the last month. I know, I know, the simple solution would be to recalibrate but it's a pain in the tush.

2. I totally just had a sliver of apple pie from Julian Pie Company. Seriously, just a sliver, one inch in width. I can now die either exceptionally happy or I can be angry with myself for caving in to my sweet craving. Julian, for those not in SoCal, is a great little town known for their apple harvest and the resulting pies and cider. Rachel Ray, she devil that she is, said that JPC was the best pie maker in Julian so we stopped by on our way out of Joshua Tree. All I can say is OMG why can't I stuff more of the delicious pie in my pie hole? WHY??? Le sigh. The pains of trying to fit into pencil skirts.

3. My skin. What. The. F. I have had slightly oily, clogged pore-y, rarely get a blemish skin since age 13. Because I have sensitive skin (Oh God, Retinol gave me a really bad chemical burn) I have been using Aveeno's Positively Radiant cleansing pads and Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30. True to form, it has totally sopped up my excess oil and my face looks brilliant. ...Or does it? If I just use concealer, I look awesome. If I try to add my beloved Philosophy The Supernatural mineral foundation, my chin becomes so dry that I have dandruff-sized flakes coming off. Gross, I know. I love my mineral foundation, so I don't know what I can do about the dryness. I moisturize about every other hour at work and it still looks bad. Grr.

Other Aveeno products that I heart: the Moisturizing Bar which smells like fresh baked oatmeal bread takes off my makeup in the shower and doesn't dry out my skin. It is, unfortunately, a bar. I hate bar soap. I wish they would make a liquid version - I'd stock up! I also love, love, love, Aveeno's Continuous Protection Sunblock for the face with SPF 70. Yes, I said 70. It's the strongest SPF I've found that doesn't cause my face to burn, doesn't run into my eyes, and doesn't cause me to break out, the three factors I look for in sunblock. Now that I'm running outside I want to make sure I'm protecting my face. I don't want to look like the Crypt Keeper when I hit 50. I should probably wear more than my current SPF 30 on my body but so far it seems to work. I was outside for about 8 hours in really strong sun in Joshua tree and I didn't even turn pink. Score!

4. DH bought me fleurs because I was a great wifey last week. I heart him. I heart fleurs. I loves him, big time. *squee* I love being married to my best friend.

5. Because of my inability to remember what is in the fridge, and DH's desire to buy the groceries this week, we now have four dozen eggs. Good thing I love egg whites. DH was so cute when he said he was going to Albertsons while I took at shower this evening. He literally danced around like a gay, ice dancer imitating a My Little Pony because he was (and I quote) "Going to buy everything I like to eat!" Note: I do 90-95% of the grocery shopping and cooking in our family. As such, DH has to eat my "healthy" veggie dinners 90% of the time. He was so excited because he was going to make meatballs (real meatballs) and burgers and chicken. Poor thing, I didn't realize how much he missed meat. *shrug* I think DH's ex ruined him for vegetarian eating - he now hates tofu and beans. He is also not into salad. I've got to figure out some veggie meals that fill him up enough so that he doesn't miss meat so much. Or maybe I cave and start eating meat a couple times a week. I don't know, time will tell...


Nic said...

It makes me SOOO happy to know that you are SOOO happy with your man -- he's just the greatest and I'm glad he takes care of you, just as much as you take care of him. Sigh... true love... is there anything better???

The Reality of Happily Ever After said...

I love your LOVE for your MAN! So sweet!

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Bernadette said...

POT PIE. Seriously. My (vegan) boyfriend had two non-vegan (one vegetarian, one omnivore) roommates in college, and I used to cook for all of them (long story short: I lived in the dorms, but hated cafeteria food, so they let me use their kitchen, as long as I made enough for all of us!). I made a *ton* of pot pies and casseroles, and the boys LOVED them, and didn't miss the meat at all. Especially when I used potatoes or corn bread for the "crust" of the pot pies. If you throw enough beans (even two different kinds!) and veggies in, I promise you, they won't miss the meat!

"Tamale" Pie with corn bread crust, plus tomatoes, refried beans, black beans, pinto beans, corn, chiles, onions, (oregano, chlli powder), and even cheese/sour cream if that's your thing.

Recipezaar, Veg Web and Cooking Light have some great options!