Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good weekend so far.

Saturday morning we went hiking with a big group of friends through Cottonwood(?) canyon to see a "waterfall." Quotations are needed because the "waterfall" was about three feet high. Seems you need rain to have the water pressure necessary for falls. One of the hikers brought her dog, Bruce, and he was adorable. He kept running up the sides of the canyon, higher and higher until he flipped down.

Anywho, we had a picnic at the "waterfall" so DH and I brought sandwiches from Bread on Market (OMG - BEST. BREAD. EVER.) including my favorite, the turkey special with no mayo or mustard and extra cranberries. Our hike leader, K, brought a whole lotta wine including the Black Box. I know, I know, boxed wine is normally terrible but Black Box is actually quite good and is the perfect size/packaging for camping and hiking. At $20/box, I suggest you check it out for your next party or wine-on-the-go needs.

Saturday night we headed to Cafe Chloe with C and J. As I can't get away from their perfect moules frites, I decided to hit up the Belgian beers. The Duchesse de Bourgogne was really fruity and delicious - and only 6% alcohol. I was actually reminded of a cider, to tell the truth. After dinner we went to Cask Room for some drinky poos. Dh was brilliant while at the bar. I wanted a 10-year tawny port but they were out. They did, however, have a DELICIOUS Delaforce 1986 Colheita porto. DH managed to convince the manager to sell us the rest of their last bottle (about half full) for $30. Yeah, '86 Delaforce is normally $25 a pour. Go DH!

We finished the night watching a Top Gear special. (Party animals, I know.) Do you or your hubbies know about Top Gear? It's a hilarious car show from Britain. I don't really care about cars but the chemistry between the three presenters is great. I can't imbed a video (damn you, YouTube!) but I really recommend them.

That's all for now. I think DH and I are going to go to the climbing gym. Ta-ta!

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