Monday, April 13, 2009

You know you're a middle-aged yuppie when... spend $170 on a trashcan and are unbelievably excited about it. has a compartment for recycling already in it! It even closes itself softly!simplehuman can at The Container Store

We went to the CS in order to organize our horrible pantry, seen here:
Our kitchen is tiny. Tiny. So this is pretty much our only storage. And I could NEVER FIND ANYTHING.Can you find the spinach penne in there? Neither could I.

A couple hundred dollars, an hour of DH's time being all handy-like, and we now have this:
Ahhh <-- Sound of Elliott singing like angels. I. LOVE. IT.
We lost a little depth because the pull-out shelves weren't deep enough. That's no problem - I'm using the extra space to keep boxes of stuff we don't use often like cornstarch and powdered sugar.

Now we need to build-in some storage racks in the lowest and highest spaces. Yay!

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adozeneggs said...

The cupcakes look great!
As does the pantry.